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www.ecstuning.com - I went with wheel studs at a cost of $145 for my 5-lug
CQ.  I would recommend the 40mm studs.  I went overkill with 50mm studs to
allow for possible use of a spacer and also NHRA compliance. Thats not
important to most of you, nor me really but I WILL drag race my CQ for fun,
might as well be legal doing it.  The 50mm barely clear the center cap on my
Ronal wheels.  Go 40mm if you do studs.

ECS also has longer wheel bolts.  The stock bolts are 27mm and are
ball-seat.  The length is measured from the very bottom of the ball. HTH

90 CQ 221k (almost an S-car, not quite yet)
70 100LS 47k (not even close :-P )
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> Dear listers,
> Upon mounting a  set of BBS RX wheels, I noticed that due to the thickness
> the face of the wheels, new and longer lug bolts are in order.  The
> said sorry and the local incorporated auto part stores were no help.
Where can
> I find some slightly longer bolts?
> Ron W.
> That joke was far less offensive than any single posting by PIZZO.
> It's getting very serious around here.
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