[s-cars] Re: bearing rumble

Igor Kessel igor at s-cars.org
Sat Feb 14 13:11:34 EST 2004

the bearings are finally replaced and the car is now quiet.

The replacement went uneventfully except that the right bearing broke 
the 18", 1/2" drive Craftsman breaker bar when I tried to ease the 
bearing out with the 36mm,  1/2" drive socket. Of course I had a 1m long 
cheater pipe over it :)

I ended up buying a big a$$ 1-7/16", 3/4" drive Craftsman socket, and a 
big a$$ 3/4" drive Craftsman breaker bar.  And used a 1m long cheater 
pipe over it. Methinks the bearing housing in the right strut was a bit 
undersized from the factory. Coz the new bearing went in with exactly 
the same exorbitant amount of force applied to it.

Oh, and I kept the new bearings in the freezer for a few hours prior to 
installing them. And greased the hell out of the bearings and the 
bearing housings.

I would like to cordially thank Mark Pollan for not only lending me his 
bearing removal tool which enabled me to replace the bearings right on 
the car w/o having to remove the struts, screw up the alignment and haul 
those hunks of steel over to my machinist, but also for hand delivering 
the tool to me almost the Christmas eve. I owe you one, Mark!
Please let me know when and how you want it back. I can mail it, or hand 
deliver to you. Or perhaps you will be visiting your relatives in 
Villanova soon?

The list camaradery never ceases to amaze me!

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

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