[s-cars] S4 short shift kit

Bob Rossato bob.rossato at att.net
Sun Feb 15 09:33:02 EST 2004

> Interesting link. Thanks.
> Unfortunately, their kit is only for early S4 (1992-1995.5). I am
> wondering
> how much difference there is between a US 1995.5 and european S6
> Plus (made
> in 1996). If none, I will order the kit for my own car.
> Cheers,
> Frederic.

Absolutely no difference.  It will work on any '92-'97 S4/6 regardless of
whether it's a 5 cyl or V8 since they all use an 01E type transmission.
It's just that the '96 & '97 S6 was never imported to the US so most places
here don't recognize their existence.


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