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Ned Ritchie Q at IntendedAcceleration.com
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Rear springs are softer?  Where did that "typically softer" come from?

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> Setting on the floor the H&Rs are 3" shorter than the stock. The
> springs are
> marked as "055" for front, and "100 VA" for the rear. The H&R web
> site only lists
> the kit # as 29545.

I'm not familiar with Urq springs at all, but I'm just going to take a
shot here.  The "100 VA" you list for the rear may actually be the
Often spring part numbers will include a "V" for "vorne" (German for
and "H" for "hinter" (German for Rear).  So it's possible you have the
springs swapped around, and since the rear springs are typically softer
would make sense that the front is too low.


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