[s-cars] Exhaust Question: Mid-Muffler Delete?

mlp qwest mlped at qwest.net
Mon Feb 16 09:54:09 EST 2004


Is there something wrong with the present, stock exhaust?
I sympathize with fixing broken stuff, but after your last repair problems
saga ....
there is that old mechanic's saying, "If it ain't broke, don't touch it...?"

The $100 bucks sounds like an incredible deal, .... so long as it works.  My
hat's off to anyone who can do a downipe alone for >$100.  Where's this guy
getting the flanges for that kind of cost?

mike, in Colorado too.

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~Hey guys, I found a guy in CO that'll give me a discount on an
~exhaust system
~up here. He did one CO-Lister's RS2'd UrS4 for $100...turbo back.
~-always fixing broken stuff, with the help of others

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