[s-cars] re: stumbling, stalling, dead. (Happerfusing)

Airbil at aol.com Airbil at aol.com
Mon Feb 16 21:37:19 EST 2004

Igor still wondered
"Thanks, Bill.
That part I did figure out.  I was hoping that someone had an idea where exactly to cut into the individual coils. THere is not much room between the two white plugs and the firewall to put up there the Demon Tweeks fuseholder block that I have.
Alas, I couldn't trace the GRN/BLK wires inside the dashboard and I didn't want to drop the glovecompartment box on the floor. :(  "

Maybe we can provoke "Dr" Gailus to add his .02?? 
Perhaps the easiest/safest thing to do is to swap out all coils at 100k and carry an emergency spare.
Bill M

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