[s-cars] re: Steamboat 2004 Event Report - (long)

Bill Mahoney wmahoney at disk.com
Tue Feb 17 13:27:49 EST 2004

You're right of course, but it just gave me a mind picture flash back to
Paulie Walnuts and Christopher wondering lost through the winter woods
in their 'cool'leather jackets.
At S fest he was aka 'Cityboy' as he wound up sleeping INside the
scammed A6 he drove up;)
Bill m  -Member, Pizzonutz Fanclub

In Pizzo's defense, it was cold... -23 F° Tuesday AM.
I think it kinda reminded him of prom night  :-)


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> Pizzo Steamed-
> "I spend the better part of a grand trying to get clothes 
> warm enough to sustain the mountain cold without frostbite."
> Oohfa!
> LOL!
> Bill m - 

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