[s-cars] der neu a6

Robin Stoddard rstoddard at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 18 00:51:37 EST 2004

Nope...don't like it at all!

I would have thought that Audi would have observed the response to BMW's 
new style and realized that an ugly car really isn't what consumers 
want?  I think designers are experimenting just a wee bit to much with 
the drugs lately.  Actually, I'm disappointed with 90% of the 'new' 
designs from all manufactures.  But then again, there is a ray of hope 
hear & there; Carrera GT, Ferrari 612, Lamborghini Murcielago & Gallardo 
to name a few.  Ok ok, climbing off the soapbox now.

And Dave, Bugatti ugly?  Whoa careful there, thems almost fightin' 
words.  :)
Which model were you thinking about (EB110, 57SC, 16/4, EXP Speed 8, 
Veyron 16.4, T2 -> T251)?  I would agreed that there's definitely some 
resemblance in some of the models like the Veyron & T57C.  Ahem, I mean, 
I've also heard about these 'older' cars from some old timers.  ;)
  BTW, here's the link to Bugatti's site;  
  Another site to check out; http://www.supercars.net/

Robin S.

Airbil at aol.com wrote:

>I dunno a bit oldsmobilish at first glance but better than
>bimmer... IME
>Bill M  
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