[s-cars] FS: 2 S6 Avants

brian bilotti vinnieb2 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 18 15:08:18 EST 2004

Dear S-Heads,
I found an avant. Here are two others I had checked
out by Mike Pederson and Nic Bode'. 
Here's the poop:
95 1/2 S6 Avant- Seattle- Black/Grey 90k+- originally
sold by KAR of MN- east coast car- has a few small
interior issues. KAR said the tbelt/water pump were
done. Busy not sure. wanted 21k but saw how much these
had dropped, probably get it for 17-18k
David (Busy) (yes that's what he goes by) Cummings
206-755-0689 Nic Bode' checked this one out

95 S6 Avant-Denver- Silver/Black- original CO car-
clean- clear bra- few interior minor issues- had
tbelt/water pump done. Wants 16k
Mike Mequi (pronounced mickey)
mikemequi at aol.com

Happy hunting

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