[s-cars] The Monster S-car survey is coming! (Soon)

Marc Gorelick marc at frogville.net
Wed Feb 18 15:43:51 EST 2004

I know that all car dealers are generally loathed, but the VW/Audi dealers 
in metro Detroit are renowned as the worst dealerships in the city. Some 
people go to other states to get their cars so that they don't have to give 
places like Cook, Lavery or Cooper their business.

Amazingly, the most recent J. D. Power dealer Customer Satisfaction survey 
places Audi dealers in general near the middle of the pack, suggesting that 
some cities must have Audi dealerships that are magical happy places with 
dancing faeries or some such in order to drag the average out of the morass 
caused by the morons in Detroit. Even so, it is noteworthy that the only 
"luxury" brand with a lower score is Land Rover. One hopes that getting 
outscored by the likes of GMC and Chevy would be embarrassing to Audi.

As much as I love my UrS4 and my wife loves her new Passat, I can guarantee 
that I will never spend another dime at these places. When her lease 
expires we will buy another one...used.

Here's the J. D. Power report I mentioned:



At 09:35 PM 2/17/2004 -0800, DBest wrote:
>Does Audi of America have any idea of the
>fanatical following this model has? Or
>even the allegiance bestowed upon the entire
>VAG line (how many of us started with Mk1/MkII VWs??)
>Yet, they still find ways to screw up, or is
>that just a function of the ignorance of
>some dealers?
>Good work Dave!
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>Its being beta-tested by a few un-named members as we speak. It's got
>tonnes of questions and the beta testing is to  check for minor mistakes
>and/or missed questions. Gabriel Caldwell has done a fantastic job of
>coding the  questions and has set it up so that at the end of the survey
>period (maybe 10 days or so), the results will be available as an Excel
>file with one car per line that you can then sort to your hearts
>  Just a warning, to complete the survey (coming in the next few days)
>you will need to have your car's build  date, VIN number and your
>records (bills) handy. The latter is to add in the mileage of when
>things broke or  were changed.
>  So please be patient, it will be worth it.
>Dave F.
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