[s-cars] control arm removal

Bob Rossato bob.rossato at att.net
Thu Feb 19 19:23:42 EST 2004

> It's been years since I did this, but didn't have any special tools to
> remove the arms. I would have used a drift, e.g. something cylindrical,
> to move the sleeve just far enough to remove the arm. You shouldn't
> care too much about the sleeves - they get replace with the bushings
> if I remember correctly.

I can't speak for the 4kq, but on the C4 chassis the front control arm goes
into a slot in the subframe.  Then there is a sleeve that goes through the
bottom of the subframe, goes into the center of the control arm bushing, and
traps the arm in the slot of the subframe.  You can't tap it upwards, it
must be pulled out.  As far as I know they do not come with the new control
arm bushing as it is a separate piece altogether.  Take a look at this link
for what the setup looks like.



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