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No need for apologies.  Welcome to the list.  At last, some one for Pizzo to
mentor.  NY meets Texas A&M!  A match made in heaven  :-)

So Jon, when do you want to come up to Colorado for the Bridgestone Winter
Driving School?  We're becoming nationally renown for our hospitality &
parties, especially if you play any football?  Pizzo's looking for a little
cover to take the local heat off Steamboat driving excursions.  I believe he
can fix you up with a really hot Routt County Sheriffs deputy who was last
seen taking down his address and phone number, and offering to hold a
special event and reception for him.

-  Brakes:  there are a lot of brake pad experts on the list.  The recent
Mintex posting w/ suggested source,

   I.e, Rich Assarabowski suggested Tim LeClair at Foreignauto99 at hotmail.com
or 800-728-1602

 sounded like a pretty good deal for just pads.  As for rotors, maybe
someone on the list, or better yet check out the BIRA list,
birabrakes at yahoogroups.com & http://www.bira.org/neus4.html, for someone
whose up grading & willing to part with a set of lightly used OEM rotors.

- Oil:  Your on your own there, but FWLIW I've never been a fan of a racing
weight oil (the 50w stuff) ever in a car unless & until you are on the track
and consistently running the car in that kind of heat range.  Of course it
does get colder here in Colorado (Pizzo's shopping list for good long

- Exhaust:  Unless it's broke, spend the money on something more important,
i.e. brakes.  My guess is with some careful shopping around, you ought to be
able to come up with a used set of Porsche &/or brackets for a decent front
brake upgrade for less than what you'd be spending on a cosmetic exhaust
"upgrade"  Definitely brakes.

-  Suspension:  H&R or Eibach's if you can find them.  IMO also something to
be put ahead of an exhaust, unless your in a position on the exhaust to be
able to do something from the turbo, not just cats, back.

-  Head lights:  My suggestion would be to stay away from bigger, i.e..
"higher" wattage bulbs, especially if you have an older car with significant
miles on it, unless you can also do relays.  It's not often, but I believe
the stock system runs a significant amount of your headlights High/low power
directly through the steering column switch, which has been known to age &
fail even with just stock loads.  As for color, well I would defer to Joe
"Ricer" Pizzo's I'm sure will colorful recommendations when he sees this.

But then hey, who's ever been successful giving advice to Aggies?

mike "in Colorado, somewhere below everboost" p

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~   Sorry this is long, I had some spare time.  Feel free to ignore and
~     Well, I lied, i'm not a new guy, I have owned my S6 for a year to the
~day almost, and have been on the list for some time.  Though I
~havn't really
~been active on it but a couple of times.  Seems as though everyone knows
~each other on here pretty well, so I'll just introduce myself before I get
~to the questions.  First off, i'm 22 years old and go to Texas A&M
~University.  Yes that's right, 22.  All you old'ns are probably thinking,
~why does this punk kid own a urS6.
~   -  time for new brakes.  I am broke and have no time.  Rotors are worn
~and need new pads.  What and how much would a decent set of replacements
~cost?  Could i trust a standard brake place to change them? I would like
~something a little beefier than stock.
~   -  Oil.  I have been using Mobile1 15w-50 with MANN oil filters.
~Remember i'm in Texas, and it gets hot as a mother down here.  Is
~this good
~to use?
~  -  Suspension.  I have stock everthing.  I would like to lower slightly,
~for performace and decrease that huge gap in my wheel wells, but
~keep a some
~what smooth ride. H&R w/ bilsteins?  But the rear tires rub the
~trim in the
~wells when the car is loaded down all ready, would lowering make it much
~worse? or better because it would give as much?  Tires are 235/45-17.
~  -  Exhaust.  I know there have been many heated debates about
~this.  But I
~want something a little more aggresive sounding withnice looking tips.
~Stebro?  Muffler only?
~  -  Paint.  My car was originally from CO.  Boulder area, so has
~a hell of
~a lot of paint chips.  Plus fading on roof, even after compounding and
~waxing.  The front bumber is almost more white than it is black.  Is it
~worth it to repaint?  How much would a decent paint job cost?
~  -  Headlights.  I would like the headlights to be more intense.
~Just want
~replacement bulbs, but what kind will give a whiter, brighter
~look?  PIAA?
~  Guess that's about it for now.  Again, I apologize for the
~length.  But i
~figured i'd give a run-down of yet another satisfied S-car owner
~out there.
~In the College Station, TX area, feel free to email me.  Never
~seen another
~S6 anywhere in the south, but i know they are there.  Thanks for
~the time on
~the questions,
~Jonny Boultinghouse  '95 S6 MTM 1+
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