[s-cars] Now this is funny.... S6 Avant on eBay

Darin Nederhoff editor at s-cars.org
Fri Feb 20 13:03:42 EST 2004

I am sure a few of you have checked out the black S6 Avant on eBay by now.
But wait... there is more!  Now have a look at the "About Me" page for the
seller.  The guy is on his death bed and going to funerals and still
carrying the burden of bending over backwards to sell his cars.  They are
really pouring it on here!  ;-)   (Read the retort concerning their negative
feedback.  Slander this slander that... yikes.  Loose cannon alert?)


For what it is worth, the wagon doesn't look TOO bad.  Needs a few things,
but don't they all?

TGIF   :-)

Darin Nederhoff
Woodbury, MN

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