[s-cars] Re: Questions from a new guy, VERY LONG sorry

Paul.Park at colorado.edu Paul.Park at colorado.edu
Fri Feb 20 13:10:23 EST 2004

First of all, you're a college kid! You should know how to work on your car,
especially if you have an S-car! They'll eat you alive:) Just kidding, but my S-
car has been very expensive as of late, and it's forcing me to start working on
my car...with help of course from the S-car guys (Dave's helped me out a ton).
I'm a college kid too. This board is the best, and everyone is so nice. I even
feel so comfortable as to ask Joe P.(thanks, Joe!) to help me with shipment of
wheels...too bad my s-car's broken.

Brakes: DIY: would take less than half the afternoon. Depending on where you
get them, $300 for Mintex pads/Brembo Rotors. G60s are very easy to service,
IMO. The rears...on a difficulty scale of 1-10, I give it a 3.

Suspension: To go lower, you must have Bilstein Sports plus whatever springs
you get. Then an alignment. Parts Only, about $900. I had mine installed by
ASW, and they tacked on about $600, including alignment. You might want to try
92 S4 springs first, as they are the stiffest of the US S4s...maybe that could
help you out with your load problems in the rear. In the end, I paid about
$1500 when all was said and done. I love it though. Rear end is very low. I
have Bilstein Sports/Eibach Pro-Kit (1.3"F, 1.0"R)

Exhaust: Get some High Flow cats, High Flow Center Resonator, Whatever muffler
you want. Cheaper than Stromung. Stromung is $$$

Paint - You should actually just go to a body shop and ask. I've been quoted
anywhere from 2800, $5000, to $10,000 (stealership). My car is most definitely
worse than anyones. It'll be worth it to repaint for me, after I get the car

-going home to hoist the car up again.

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