[s-cars] Alternatives to RS2 Injectors

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Fri Feb 20 16:18:50 EST 2004

Dave, you must be mistaken, RS2 injectors are 354cc/min at 3 Bar rail 
pressure. 44lb or 48 is way too big and I'd only recommend such injectors 
for 450+ real and crank HP.

12 ohm injectors are ok for the stock ECU, but I'd rather recommend you 
Lucas 37lb/hr injectors if you're after RS2 power levels.



At 14:11 20/02/2004 -0700, Dave Forgie wrote:
>S-gruppees, and Pizzo:  A group of us in Vancouver are at the edge of the 
>slippery slope and are in on the RS2 GP.  Naturally, we need all the other 
>bits that go with it.  We have split up the searching/procurement duties 
>and one of mine is to find a cheaper source/alternative for the RS2 Bosch 
>injectors.  We understand that these injectors are 444 cc/min (about 42 
>lb/hr)  and were the same as those instand OEM in a "911" Carrera.  One 
>aftermarket "dealer" has quoted me $185 CDN for one such injector (I don't 
>think so, Tim).  So I went out at lunch to a local Camarustang Speed shop 
>where they have a really cool Turbonetics catalogue (but that's another 
>story) and ACCEL (tm) fuel injectors.  They list a series of injectors for 
>the 993 Carrera turbo.  For a 48 lb/hr set of six (150648), I have been 
>quoted $463 CDN.  For a single 150144 (44 lb/hr) injector I have been 
>quoted $65 CDN each.   Both of these ones seem to be 12 ohms impedance 
>(whereas others seem to be 14.4 Ohms).  So three questions:
>1.  Should I continue to pursue this Accel option?
>2.  Will 12 Ohm injectors be okay?
>3.  Which of the two options, 44 lb/hr or 48 lb/hr is "better" (whatever 
>that is)?
>Dave F.
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