[s-cars] Alternatives to RS2 Injectors

Brian Link BrianL at starsys.com
Fri Feb 20 17:22:48 EST 2004

You can run Lucas, Bosch or Siemens DEKA.  All have high impendence
injectors that fit in place of the stock Bosch RS2.  You can source
bosch in 36 and 42 lb/hr from various ford cars for around $300 for a
set of 8 this is true for the Siemens.


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> Subject: [s-cars] Alternatives to RS2 Injectors
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> S-gruppees, and Pizzo:  A group of us in Vancouver are at the edge of
> slippery slope and are in on the RS2 GP.  Naturally, we need all the
> bits that go with it.  We have split up the searching/procurement
> and one of mine is to find a cheaper source/alternative for the RS2
> injectors.  We understand that these injectors are 444 cc/min (about
> lb/hr)  and were the same as those instand OEM in a "911" Carrera.
> aftermarket "dealer" has quoted me $185 CDN for one such injector (I
> think so, Tim).  So I went out at lunch to a local Camarustang Speed
> where they have a really cool Turbonetics catalogue (but that's
> story) and ACCEL (tm) fuel injectors.  They list a series of injectors
> the 993 Carrera turbo.  For a 48 lb/hr set of six (150648), I have
> quoted $463 CDN.  For a single 150144 (44 lb/hr) injector I have been
> quoted $65 CDN each.   Both of these ones seem to be 12 ohms impedance
> (whereas others seem to be 14.4 Ohms).  S
>  o three questions:
> 1.  Should I continue to pursue this Accel option?
> 2.  Will 12 Ohm injectors be okay?
> 3.  Which of the two options, 44 lb/hr or 48 lb/hr is "better"
> that is)?
> Dave F.

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