[s-cars] Alternatives to RS2 Injectors

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Fri Feb 20 18:55:49 EST 2004

Dave, the pressure increase calculation isn't correct, the right formula is:

sqrt(new pressure/old pressure)*old flow=new pressure flow.

So this means that 36 lb/hr @3Bar injectors will flow 41.5lb/hr at 4 Bar.

Flow increase isn't linear with pressure increase, otherwise it would be 
easy to install 3B injectors and run them at 5 Bar for 600 HP....

Siemens or Lucas 37lb injectors should be fine for you, they flow exactly 
9% more fuel than RS2 injectors at 4 Bar rail pressure and RS2 boost levels.



At 16:29 20/02/2004 -0700, Dave Forgie wrote:
>Mihnea and S-gruppees:  Brian Link gave me the following information:
>"I am running the Siemens deka 36lb/hr in my 3B.  And if you already know
>that all flow rates are based off of 3bar fuel pressure.  The AAN is 4bar
>  and the RS2 is 3.8bar.  So a 36lb/hr injector at 3.8bar is 40.5lb/hr and at
>4.0 it would be 48lb/hr."
>This raises the issue again.  What is the correct way to purchase  RS2 
>alternative injectors:  as 36 lb/hr at 3.0 Bar rating or 40.5 lb/hr at 3.8 
>bar?  I want to buy inexpensive RS2 injector clones not something that 
>needs  99% duty cycle or only a  40% duty cycle to do the job.
>Dave F.

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