[s-cars] anybody have any insight on putting Boxter calipers

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Sat Feb 21 12:26:35 EST 2004


That's not been my experience. For instance, the 2.7t 5 spoke wheel is
listed as fitting on System 1 does not fit over my System 3 without 5mm
spacers, and I've got *maybe* a single mm of space between the outer edge of
the caliper and the inner surface of the rim with the 5mm spacers.

'95.5 S6 avant (System 3) 

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> Dave,
> Actually, Sys 3 fits more wheels than Sys 1.   Sys 3's A8 
> Eurorotor lies 
> closer to the strut, which moves the caliper further way from 
> the wheel "spokes."
> BTW, I've never used anything other the Weston Motorsport KF 
> pads. I've not had any squealing from the KF street pads, 
> however, the KF track pads squeal like a pig until they warm up.
> Greg J
> Dave Forgie wrote:
> >I have had the BIRA system 1 for four years.  The only issue is pad 
> >squeal using OEM Porsche pads.  The solution for many (including me) 
> >was Kerr Performance Friction carbon fibre-based pads from 
> Paul Weston 
> >at Weston Motorsports in Florida.  He is great to deal with.
> >
> >IF I was to do it again, I would go for System 3 (Boxster S 
> calipers, 
> >somewhat larger rotors).  The main draw back of System 3 
> over System 1 
> >is the number of 16" wheels that will work with System 3 is 
> very small.
> >(Check the fitment section at the BIRA webpage).  IF money and wheel 
> >size were no object, System 6 with the custom rotor hats and 
> >cast-"Drilled" Porsche rotor rings is the way to go.
> >
> >In either case, you need a BIRA or clone bracket to make the 
> calipers 
> >fit over the appropriate rotor.
> >  
> >
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