[s-cars] Here we go again...

Bob Frizzell bobfrizzell at shaw.ca
Sun Feb 22 23:08:11 EST 2004

Charlie's site is http://www.elektro.com/~audi
I have been living with a pinion bearing whine for a while. I changed the
transmission oil twice and put some Militec (Dave Forgie's suggestion, IIRC)
in each time and it seems to have helped. I know a new transmission is
inevitable some time down the road. The symptoms are a whine in any gear,
increasing with speed.  What year is your car?
93 "Canadian" S4
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> Hi guys,
> After about six months trouble free the S has indicated she's unhappy
> First noticed a bit of a thrumming, directly related to road speed rather
> than engine speed, about 100 miles ago. Seems to be getting louder and
> louder so I'm worried it's the pinion bearing thing. What are the symptoms
> of that again? Car has about 125,000 imperial miles on now.
> Cheers,
> Adrian Hart
> PS I know this is described on Charlie what's-its site but I can't
> the url for there.
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