[s-cars] Alternatives to RS2 Injectors - related Q

Ned Ritchie Q at IntendedAcceleration.com
Mon Feb 23 12:36:24 EST 2004

MPG is a calculation from known data.

The calculation uses the constant flow of an injector, the length of
time the injector is open (pulse width) and how often it is open (RPM)

You have changed the constant.

Now the constant is open less time (pulse width is less).  Feedback from
the oxygen sensor which detected the excess fuel reduces the pulse

But unless the program is written for the larger injectors you are not
running quite right.



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I forgot to mention I did indeed change to new timing
and boost chips created with this in mind when making
the injectors/cam change as well.  Still surprise to
see significant fuel economy improvement....

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The talk of injectors has reminded me about an
observation of mine.

About a month ago I switched to 37#/hr. injectors and
somehow my (92's) computer is telling me I'm now
getting avg. MPG of about 21.5.  In the past with
stock injectors and RS2 turbo, I was seeing more like
about 17 all-around MPG.  All other factors are more
or less constant except I also switched out the
exhaust cam to a 7A type at the same time.

Any explanation for why I'm showing better fuel
economy given I should be burning more fuel with the
larger injectors -- or is it a calibration issue with
the Motronic ?  I haven't yet just calculated my
mileage by actual fuel volume used vs. miles which I
keep forgetting to do.

Scott S.
Columbus, O

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