[s-cars] Alternatives to RS2 Injectors

Todd Bellwood todd at owensport.com
Mon Feb 23 21:45:34 EST 2004

Sometime back I cut and pasted all the injector data I found into a text
file. I was interested in "alternatives to RS2 injectors" at the time and
learned enough to move forward. Most of it came from this list. Read
carefully and with caution as I wouldn't want anybody buying the wrong
injectors from my attempt to help.

 I've uploaded it to:


94 S4

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> The RC reports are tucked away in a file folder, now filed I think under
> Idea where" someplace.
> I can't recall the specific numbers for the Bosch injectors.  It would be
> interesting to find the reports, because as I recall, I think I asked RC
> test them at several different pressure settings, 3bar, 4 and maybe 5bar
> more.  A comparison of those numbers vs. the formula's "new" pressure x
> square root of old/new might provide a hint as to how much, if any effect
> the rising fuel pressure degrades projected performance.
> As I recall, RC would flow "match" injectors, whether Bosch or their own
> house.  The variance might have been greater than RC's guaranteed
> set, but I don't recall it being as great as the 7 to 8 cc's you suggest.
> But then again you could be right.  As I go through the old file folders
> I'll try  keep my eye out for old reports, if they still exist.
> Mike
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>   Mikey
>   I don't know if you've still got those RC flow sheets but if my memory
> serves me, the other issue with the Bosch injectors was the relatively
> spread of flow numbers. Given that RC was doing the measuring, it seems
> there was something like a 7-8 cc variance between the Bosch injectors.
> Rcs only had .4-.6 cc variance.
>   Hap, tryin to remembah in Evahboost, Maguire
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