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Hap - its not that I'm ignoring you, but apparently your ISP, AOL is no
longer talking to either me in particular, or perhaps its just Qwest.com in
general.  See below


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The RC reports are tucked away in a file folder, now filed I think under "No
Idea where" someplace.

I can't recall the specific numbers for the Bosch injectors.  It would be
interesting to find the reports, because as I recall, I think I asked RC to
test them at several different pressure settings, 3bar, 4 and maybe 5bar or
more.  A comparison of those numbers vs. the formula's "new" pressure x
square root of old/new might provide a hint as to how much, if any effect
the rising fuel pressure degrades projected performance.

As I recall, RC would flow "match" injectors, whether Bosch or their own in
house.  The variance might have been greater than RC's guaranteed "matched"
set, but I don't recall it being as great as the 7 to 8 cc's you suggest.
But then again you could be right.  As I go through the old file folders
I'll try  keep my eye out for old reports, if they still exist.

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  I don't know if you've still got those RC flow sheets but if my memory
serves me, the other issue with the Bosch injectors was the relatively large
spread of flow numbers. Given that RC was doing the measuring, it seems that
there was something like a 7-8 cc variance between the Bosch injectors. The
Rcs only had .4-.6 cc variance.

  Hap, tryin to remembah in Evahboost, Maguire

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