[s-cars] FMIC Alternatives, try the stock one.

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 15:15:37 EST 2004

--- steve powers <steve at thepowers.net> wrote:
> Teddy:
> > what's involved in building an intercooler?  once you buy the core, you
> > have to add tanks to it.  the tanks have to have an inlet/outlet with
> > a tube so you can attach a hose to it.  you also have to weld tabs
> > in place for mounting the intercooler.  right?
> > 
> > -teddy
> While I'm not Trevor, I do have argon, a TiG welder and know how to use
> them. Welding aluminum isn't the problem as I see it.
> I'd like to figure out how to "bend" the IC so that it fits
> longitudinally in the cavity below and behind the front bumper. I think
> it would require at least two "kinks" to work.
> I suspect pressurizing with water and then bending would be required
> to avoid collapsing the core. I don't have access to that technology.

hmm.  what about cutting the core and welding in a small plenum in between
the pieces at an angle?  i'm not sure what kind of impact that will have
on airflow, though.


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