[s-cars] Just a sobering experiece

Richard Tanimura richard at tanimuras.com
Tue Feb 24 16:27:39 EST 2004

I almost bought it today. I was on the Autobahn doing 230 kph (143 mph)
playing tag with some new Mercedes when I noticed some strong vibrations on
the left side. It was so bad, I couldn't drive further. When I checked my
car, I noticed that my rear left tire had delaminated. There was a huge
chunk of rubber that had been thrown off and was missing and a lot of the
steel radial wires were worn through.

The tire guy told me angels were watching over me. If I had worn through
another ply, the tire would have blown. I would probably have hit the brakes
instinctively and gone into trailing throttle oversteer. I would have spun
badly and they would have had to scrape me off the landscape.

So a word to the wise, we all love speed but remember it comes with a risk.

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