[s-cars] Was:Ignition switch failure, Now: Still dead.

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  I think I remember hearing that when the ignition switch goes it takes the starter with it. Actually the starter stays engaged after the engine starts and gets trashed. 

Chad Tobin

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> The new ignition switch is now in and was for the most part pretty eZ.  Thanks to Franco et al for documenting this fix.
> So now there's power and all lights come on and everything looks pretty normal except when turning the key, nothing happens:/  Yep its the rarified Pederhousen air "so fast as to not be running."
> Bentley CD is like finding a needle in a haystack and I have yet to search through the 3800 pages of Bentley, so I thought I'd throw it out to other inS'car'omniacs.
> Only code thrown is  00513  Engine speed sensor, (G28)
>                              03-00  No Signal
> So could be that sensor, where ever that is (just behind after run pump?) or
> Could be a blown starter.
> Or could be a blown fuse. (Which one and where is it 
> located?)
> Gonna check the fuses by the ecu then go to bed.
> Thats the plan.
> Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts.
> Cheer's
> Bill m
> *note to Mr. Platt.. change your ignition switch:)

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