[s-cars] An interesting FMIC "fact" (?)

steve powers steve at thepowers.net
Fri Feb 27 12:08:55 EST 2004

Scott sez:

> Ok Cody:
> Let's B4B (tm - qshipq) that.
> Step 1 below
> 5000USD = 50USD/hp
> 35% gain in HP
> Step 2 below (installed) = 90-100USD/HP
> 8% gain in HP
> At 8% gains, I'd be looking at alternative "theories" to spending 
> 100USD/HP.
> That's a lot of GP money for custom cams, better IM, TB, turbo dyno.
> Without the 4 probes, who really knows?
> I'm not at all claiming that better IC's are bad, we can look at the
> measures/$ and see that IC's gains are minimal.  I look at 8% gains at 
> 100/hp and
> think that will buy a whole bunch of high octane fuel, or a whole bunch of
> windshield washer fluid.
> SJ

makes a whole lot of $en$e to me.

I've got 3 of the 4 probes: dual channel Davtron with atmos and post IC 
temps, plus an Autometer electric pressure signal from the ECU (post IC). 
Are you suggesting a pressure signal pre-IC?


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