[s-cars] H&R "V8" springs

Steve Marinello smarinello at charter.net
Fri Feb 27 18:02:09 EST 2004

The H&R's that were so bad on my sedan when I got it were the 29800's,
spec'ed for the 200q.  An absurd 2B mod foisted on who knows how many
people, coupled with Koni Sports turned to 90% stiff.  Insanity at its'
best, especially on a '95 without a rear bar.  Wallow, wallow, pound, pound,

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> Trevor and all,
> Just a word on the V8 spring set.  Trevor I think you
> had some other spring set in mind.
> The H&R spring set they now sell for the S6/4 marked
> as the V8 set does leave the ride height just where
> you say you like, 14.5"s from center to lip.
> I have'em and installed a few sets in customer cars as
> well.  No way do they drop a car to 12-13"s
> Neil
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