[s-cars] Pricing a 95 S6 Avant for Sale

Bruce Mendel Brucem105 at comcast.net
Fri Feb 27 21:13:22 EST 2004

Now, before anyone goes crazy, I don't really expect to sell it to anyone on this list, as I am actually trying to make a little money on it. But I did want to solicit a few opinions on what you think it might be worth. If that's inappropriate, just tell me to shut up.

1995 S6 Avant, silver/platinum. 72K miles, never hit, all service records, 2 owners. No CD changer, 3rd seat, 2 remote keys. Bought on ebay here:


I just spent $2K or so fixing up mostly cosmetic stuff....wet sand of paint, respray of front bumper, rebolster driver and passenger seatbacks, restore interior leather, valve cover gasket, x-ring, etc. Tires good (~80%), brakes 50%. All stock, never modified. Drives properly, everything works except driver's seat heater is weak (but works). It needs brake lines, which I'll get to next. Newer timing belt, tie rods, CV boots, etc.

I'd give the exterior an 8 out of 10, some light surface scratches, and some small dings in rear bumper (which I could respray for $300 if you all think it's smart...should have done it at same time as front, but I was stupid). Interior 9 out of 10...leather looks and smells new, carpets, dash, doors all nice.

Is $18K a reasonable expectation, or am I crazy? What do you think it is worth?



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