[s-cars] Idea for an add on/update for the Valentine V1

R. Mair waves at comcast.net
Fri Feb 27 21:18:43 EST 2004

Yup, kinda been done. Great idea but with my V1, the thing will go off and
typically there is no cop around, just one of those radars that are used for
traffic statistic reports or the ones they use in PA to draw your attention
to an informational sign. However, I have a Garmin Street Pilot GPS that
i've set-up in such a manner. I travel the Pennsylvania turnpike every
weekend in the winter. One clear day as i drove i tagged every possible
place a cop could hide on both north bound and south bound as a waypoint. So
in the day time i can haul ass between way points and as long as there are
no lines on the road for visual speed traps. It really shines at night when
you can't see the hide-outs. This system has saved me 2-3 times over the
years, well worth the investment. Quite frankly, with GPS, V1 and a small
CB, there is no reason you should ever be pulled over on a highway your
frequently travel! Now, if i could just find those blue prints for a Ka
radar jammer   ;-)


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