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William Perron w_perron at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 29 13:49:43 EST 2004

The short answer is no.
The switchblade style key will work in a 1997(w/
reduced range) but not a 1995.5.  The 1995.5 uses a
different remote, alarm control unit/pump, and most
importantly a totally different wiring harness.  This
makes it impossible to just swap control unit/pump in
from a 1997.  Thanks to Igor and Sean for checking the
part numbers in their 1997s to verify the differences.

The long answer is yes.
The 1995.5 remote can be modified along with a
switchblade housing to fit together.  Your key can
easily be used w/ the switchblade unit with some
modifications.  To make it work you need to do a few

Modify  switchblade housing 

I picked up a 2 button switchblade remote off of ebay.
 You need to basically take out the circuit board and
start trimming away everything w/ a dremel tool to get
the 1995. 5 circuit board to fit.  You will also need
to trim down the battery pad location on the 1995.5
circuit board to clear the switchblade mechanism.  You
need to use a different battery –CR1632.  This is the
same thickness s the original CR2032, but a smaller
diameter.  You will need to re-use the circuit board
from the switchblade key because you need the
switches.  I ground off all of the electronic
components on the non-switch side of the board so I
could basically make a sandwich of the 1995.5 board
and the switchblade board.  You want to put some
insulation in between the 2 boards- I used some
“liquid electrical tape”.  You then need to run some
wires from the switches to the switch pad contacts of
the 1995.5 board.  I drilled some holes in the
switchblade circuit board and ran the wires through to
the pads.

Modifying the key

When you open up the switchblade key halfway you will
see a retaining pin.  This mates to a slot cut in the
key and holds it together.  Drive out the pin and
remove they key from the housing.  Remove your key
from its plastic housing.  Machine/grind/file down
your key until it matches the switchblade key.  Insert
it into the housing.  Use a drill press and drill
through the existing holes in the housing with a 1.5mm
bit to create the retaining slot in the key.  Insert
the pin and reassemble everything.

Program the remote to your car, and you should have a
working remote and key.  You will not be able to use
the Panic button on the switchblade key, as the 1995.5
s did not have the capability.

Good luck,
Bill Perron
‘95.5 S6 Avant
’85 4kq

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>Dear S-Heads-
>I know this has been discussed but I never saw the
>results. Can a new switchblade key be programmed for
>95.5 S6? Si' or no. If so, how? Vag tool?
>Thanks for the help

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