[s-cars] ECU what is the trick to opening it

Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Fri Jan 2 10:39:08 EST 2004

It probably doesn't matter a whole lot.  I'm not sure my buttometer would 
be able to detect any significant difference between 270 and 280 all that 
well.  Either way, these chips giving another 50 or perhaps 60 ponies are a 
significant upgrade over the stock level of 227.  The old (oh, so old) 
buttometer CAN detect that difference quite easily.  :-)

At 10:30 AM 1/2/2004 -0500, Kirby Smith wrote:
>mea culpa
>I'm not sure when Hoppen came up with that number; when I participated
>in the group ECU buy through Anderson a while back, the list-touted
>value was 270.


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