[s-cars] Bose RDS Woes

Kirby Smith kirby.a.smith at verizon.net
Fri Jan 2 10:51:27 EST 2004

I don't have the number handy, but RS only sell one type of 12-14V,
clear envelope, grain-of-wheat lamp to my knowledge.  The package holds
one pair of lamps, and each bulb looks to the casual observer as being
about 3/32 inch in diameter by about 1/4 inch long.  The electrical
connection is by flying uninsulated axial leads extending from the lamp

The hardest part of the project is getting the solder out of the holes
where the dead lamp was connected.  I found that a solder sucker was
unsuitable, and the old standby of copper wire braid worked best.  Be
sure to use a soldering iron suitable for the tiny traces on the circuit
board.  Maybe 15W or less, preferably with a controlled tip temperature
or a Variac control of the iron's power.  The solder should melt nicely
on the tip without generating smoke.  (Some vapor is ok.)  Don't keep
heating a "dry" pad to try to get the solder out of a hole.  It may be
necessary to add solder before wicking it out.


Mark Pollan wrote:
> Happy New Year to all!!
> The stations here in the DC must have changed their broadcasting because now
> on two of the stations I listen to, RDS really does its' annoying thing with
> the artist and song title scrolling on the display.  In the past, it was
> only their call letters which showed up.  I was not of fan of this by any
> stretch but this scrolling text crap has gotta go.  Anybody know how to
> permanently disable the RDS function.  It can be temporarily disabled by
> hitting the RDS button but soon as you switch stations it's baaaaaaack.
> Also while on the subject of dash "illumination", my outside temp bulb is
> gone.  I read the writeup on changing the bulb, but could use the RadioShack
> bulb part number.  Can anybody help me on that account?
> Best regards,
> Mark
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