[s-cars] Bose RDS Woes

Franco Barber feb at febsun.cmhnet.org
Fri Jan 2 10:54:41 EST 2004

On Fri, Jan 02, 2004 at 10:01:19AM -0500, Mark Pollan wrote:
> stretch but this scrolling text crap has gotta go.  Anybody know how to
> permanently disable the RDS function.  It can be temporarily disabled by
> hitting the RDS button but soon as you switch stations it's baaaaaaack.

Different Audi radios may accomplish this differently.
The only Audi radio with RDS that I have access to is the Audi Gamma CD,
part no. 4A0 035 196.  This doesn't say "Bose" on it.
It is a German market only version and was used in the UrS4.

Anyway, on this radio, what you can do is tune in the station
you want, turn RDS off, and then Memorize it into a station preset.
This remembers the frequency with RDS off, and when you go back to
that preset RDS will be off.

You're right, however, that the moment you use the up-down tuning
buttons to change frequency RDS comes back on.

> Also while on the subject of dash "illumination", my outside temp bulb is
> gone.  I read the writeup on changing the bulb, but could use the RadioShack
> bulb part number.  Can anybody help me on that account?

Try 272-1092C.


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