[s-cars] ECU what is the trick to opening it

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Fri Jan 2 12:56:54 EST 2004


Unfortunately just a race cat with the very same programming as MTM 1+ 
can't give 280 HP. In order to take advantage of the race cat (or decat 
pipes), you need to have the chips remapped with even more timing advance 
and leaner mixtures at WOT.

The other thing is that a bone stock AAN motor can have 280 real HP (and 
about 440Nm of torque using just the stock 2.5 Bar pressure transducer) if 
it's tuned on a dyno in order to know exactly where it's losing HP and 
because of what. "Generic" chips as MTM's have intentionally limited HP so 
differences between 2 engines can be taken into account with no damage (yet 
I hear MTM's 1+ detonate on transient throttle openings and hot summer days).

I've BTDT and have dyno tested MTM's 1+ at 270 HP at around 5900 RPM 
whereas my own "generic" chips for the S4 made 265 at 5300, now guess which 
felt the most pleasant and smooth to drive? Same for 500, 800 or whatever 
HP engines, what's the point in having 500 HP at 8000 RPM in a street 

Just my 2 euro cents,


At 19:49 2/01/2004 +0200, Miikka Salonen wrote:

>Actually I thing the stage 1 with 3bar map + racing cat does give
>about 280hp, some say even 290hp. Anyway, MTM stallions seems to be
>stronger than normal ones.
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