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> ... and punch in 227 SAE horsepower..Viola!...you get 230 DIN horsepower,
> and 169 KW.  And going back to the original issue of 269 PS, that equates to
> 265 SAE hp with is an even larger discrepancy compared to the 280 HP usually
> quoted by Hoppen.

1) If you dynoed a stock car you would find the Audi HP values to be very 
2) The Horsepower on the MTM Stage 1 is limited by the K-24. The torque is 
very impressive. MTM has also made it that the chip will be slightly lean and 
conserve fuel while cruising. This chip has essentially set the standard and it 
is quite easy to modify certain parameters and make it a little less 
aggressive and smoother if that is what you are looking for.
3) MTM was not developed with both 91 octane and 91 Degrees outside in mind. 
Put in 100 octane and the smile will plastered to your face ... 
4) Real time tuning is great - If the ambient conditions including the 
characteristics of the car always remained constant. If you developed a new 
component (i.e. - MAF) or were testing a bored out engine and needed to verify 
baseline parameters.

A well developed chip should be able to adapt to many environments ... so a 
chip with the proper adaptation program should easily be able to adapt its' 
parameters versus manually adjusted parameters during a couple of real time 

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