[s-cars] Chip Identification help needed

Ned Ritchie Q at IntendedAcceleration.com
Mon Jan 5 18:08:14 EST 2004


The chips are Intended Acceleration -- Group Purchase or special deal
Stage III as of end of year 1997
The daughter board is our unscrambler board that the chip plugs into.  
These were the ones that I sold a pile of to MTM.
I do not have a record of who purchased the modification.
The next step up would be IA Stage III+
Ned Ritchie

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My S6  had the carpet cut when I purchased it, and I finally cracked 
open the ECU to see if I could figure out exactly what (if anything) was

done to it.  The mainboard chip has the following number 1 267 359 483 
(printed on silver sticker).  The daughterboard chip is labelled 1 267 
357 591 (on a silver sticker, as well) and written in sharpie on the 
outside of the ECU case is 1120FB2002C897.  Car has the 250Kpa sensor. 
Any insight is appreciated.



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