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I have noticed this is a recurring theme with automatic shifter software
these days.  I think we would be much better off if they would have just
stuck to the old vacuum modulator style that worked fine on every automatic
car from the 1940's through the 1970's.  One of the most common
characteristics I have noted is the "Double Downshift".  When you are
cruising at 35 or so, take the gas to about 3/4 throttle and the tranny will
downshift one gear, and then about 1 second later will downshift one more
gear, all the while you have not changed your throttle position.  Add into
this the ridiculously complicated software these guys have to figure out
whether the torque converter should be in lockup or not and the only
acceptable tranny that I can think of comes with a clutch.  I know I am
exaggerating a little bit, there are exceptions out there, but they are
rarer than they should be.


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Just leave it in S or check the Audiworld forums for
recoding the tranny via VAG COM to shift earlier.

--- tony warning <tonywdw at maplenet.net> wrote:
> Dear Fellow Audi Fans,
>     I recently purchased a 2002 S6 Avant and I hate
> the Auto
> transmission.  This is the first S I have owned with
> an automatic.  I
> have had to my dealer for its 36,000 mile service
> and they tried to
> reset the computer but found nothing wrong.
>     The problem with the car is that it can't seem
> to figure out which
> gear it should be in when accelerating from a dead
> stop. The car starts
> out rather slowly and nothing seems to happen until
> the more throttle is
> given and then look out! My wife won't ride with me
> anymore and my 15
> year old son thinks it way cool.  In the "s" spot on
> the selector it
> seems to be a bit better and using the Tiptronic
> shifter is a joke.  I
> feel like I am sixteen again driving my mom's '63
> T-Bird pretending it
> had a 4 Speed.  I want a manual box but know that is
> impossible.  In the
> meantime does anyone have any suggestions to make
> this stupid autobox
> perform.
> Thanks,
> Tony Warning
> tonywdw at maplenet.net
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