[s-cars] Thanks for the Rear Brake Caliper help to...

Dave Forgie forgied at direct.ca
Wed Jan 7 02:22:58 EST 2004

Cody, Fred, Mark, Alvin, Calvin, Sean and Richard.  I knew that there
would be some BTDT's on the the list.  I knew about the potential for
this problem but somehow I thought that it would magically never affect
MY car (93 with 162,000 km (100, 000 mi)).  Never did it before, why
now? (Because you didn't take any preventative action, Dave).  Now I
know.  They will all do it.  I will start with the lubricant/hammer
approach on the e-brake cam and go from there.  I know that locally
Vancouver Auto Parts can even beat the Canadian Tire cost on the caliper
(but its really a rebuild).

Thanks again for your help.

Dave F.

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