[s-cars] RE: A little S-car philosophy

Bill Mahoney wmahoney at disk.com
Wed Jan 7 17:36:21 EST 2004

Dave Forgied:
<<<Its just that once the car has you, it
takes a hold of you like an addiction or  a really high maintenance
woman. It just needs, needs, needs. Buy me this. Buy me that. And on it

    and Paul luted:

Argh!  What if you have BOTH!  
F ME F ME F ME!!!!!  (and no, that's not her exclamating either...  and
Pizzo, she doesn't do that for you...  tho I hear your sister would if
lived in WV).
-Paul I got both, ah that's why I drink K.

Uhmm.. "Weak" Paully, 
WRT your better half: 
... I ask; just where would you have be if left to your own devices?
And she certainly has "features" IIRC;)
And WRT the S Car:
Without the aforementioned wife to keep you in check you'd have already
been through the stage 99 turbo and on to something like... say...an
evo.  Ha!
Bill m

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