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NOT SNOWS Pizzonuts...

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Blizzak LM-22's, Dunlop Wintersport M3's or even
Pirelli Snowsports would be nice.

The LM-22's are a bit stiffer sidewall-wise than the
Snowsports, FWIW.


--- "Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK)" <WQQ2PXK at ups.com> wrote:
> Gents-
> Hoping not to begin another episode of As the World
> Turns, but figured I'd
> ask the geekiest tire geeks I knew of so...
> ...colleague is in need of new tires for his, er,
> forget it.  RWD,
> 235/50/V17.  Priorities are NOT performance (gag!),
> but a reasonably priced,
> well rounded, good wearing tire that will get him
> around in the snow at
> least OK then be good for rest of year.  Car came
> with Firestone Firehawks
> or some junk like that.  Again, no breaking the bank
> here, he's, well,
> cheaper than I am...
> Suggestions?  Sources?
> Oh, my AUDI //S6 runs 255/40/Y17 ContiSportContacts,
> there's the MAC for
> ya...
> -Paul colleagues always seeking car advice K.
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