[s-cars] Shipping to Canada via UPS...don't do it!

Robin Stoddard rstoddard at shaw.ca
Fri Jan 9 02:36:07 EST 2004

Just in case there are any Canadian's out there thinking of ordering 
those parts as a late Christmas present to themselves.  Do not, I repeat 
do not use a company that only uses UPS for their delivery's!

I ordered $755 in parts from a certain company who charged a shipping 
fee of $79.14; total bill $834.14...Okay I can handle that, but wait, 
that's not the end of it, hang on to your shorts or I should say your 

When the UPS guy arrives at my door with the parts, he wants an 
additional $148! (brokerage fee for all their hard work). WTF!  No 
warning, nothing saying that bill was coming.  So with nobody home, this 
guy leaves 2 of the 3 boxes and writes a note that pretty much says that 
they are holding the 3rd box hostage until they get their $148.  And 
that I am to leave a cheque in the mailbox for him when he feels like 
delivering the 3rd box.

Robin, being mugged by UPS in Calgary AB

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