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Fri Jan 9 09:36:53 EST 2004

Bob, Elijah, all others in the boat,

that was me. i had the ignition switch begin to "fail" on me a couple 
of months back and it ended up frying my starter by not releasing it 
from the motor. i had been babying it for a while there but just had it 
replaced a week ago and man, what a difference. i was informed by my 
mechanic (www.cbmwnh.com) that the new switch was redesigned to fix the 
aging problem w/ audi/vw ignition switch failures. huge difference in 
feel, positivity and key return.

also, my 95.5 avant always shut the radio off when the key was removed, 
but not when car shut off. the new switch still does this. i can turn 
the car off, leave the key in, and the radio stays on. remove the key, 
radio off. BTW, my 95.5 does have the original BOSE system, not the 
Blaupunkt unit. AG is  at it again it sounds like.


matt ludwig.
1995.5 s6 avant.

On Jan 8, 2004, at 11:42 PM, Bob Rossato wrote:

>>  I am working on my wife's ignition switch and cannot make it
>> work right. Are
>> there two different ignition switches that very between the 94 and 
>> 95.5
>> Scars. With her old switch when you shut the car off the radio
>> would stay on until
>> you took the key out and then the radio would turn off. Now we
>> have tried two
>> brand new switches from the dealer and the radio stays on even
>> when you take
>> the key out. On my 94 S4 it has always been like that so I am
>> wondering if
>> there is a different switch for the 95.5 S6's.
> As I recall, somebody else with a 95.5 had the same issue a couple of 
> months
> ago after having their ignition switch replaced.  Now you're number 2. 
>  So,
> it sounds like they've redesigned the switches and they are no longer
> compatible with the way the radio is wired on the 95.5 and later cars. 
>  What
> part number did you get?  The FA shows 4A0 905 849 A for manual, and 
> 849 B
> for automatic.  BTW, the "A" started with the '94 100/S4.  Is there 
> now a
> "C"?
> Bob
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