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Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK) WQQ2PXK at ups.com
Fri Jan 9 09:45:39 EST 2004

Scott uniquely noted:

Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 19:04:16 EST
From: QSHIPQ at aol.com
Subject: [s-cars] Re: I Want (please) 2

I just did a suspension and exhaust on one in my shop (I can't comment on
20x9.5 - 255/30's wheel/tire upgrade, since I was gun shy on "testing" that 
in Chicago).  I did get quite a few test miles (unsupervised) er, to purge
DRC lines...  As is my way, I thoroughly examined this car as I was pulling 
off all four struts...  Comments inserted Igor...

igor at s-cars.org writes:

>1. reasonably fast, but not a quantum leap fast if you compare with a 3 
>bar MTM + RS2 on a cold day like it was yeaterday here in Philly (-9°C).

The exhaust seems to take care of that.  My own impression pre exhaust 
install is that this car really shines above 60mph, when all the weight is
rolling.    After the exhaust (cat back Sportec) the torque pickup off the 
line was downright fun and quite noticeable.  Midrange and high end reminded
of the LT1Q in endless linear torque...  Reminded me of a very refined 993tt

with 4 doors.  Working med traffic was more or less effortless.  With the
upgrade chip (coming to this car next), I'd put this on my dream car list 
without question.

>2. finally good OEM brakes on an Audi
Fronts maybe.  The rears seemed a bit 'old tech', basically an oversized 
floating single piston caliper rear (a bummer when the Evo uses a rigid
rear brembo).  I'm hopeful that the rigid mounting on the front starts a
for audi though.  The rotors are downright beefy, front and rear.

>3. marvellous suspension
I thought too soft with either the stock or the Eibach/sportec upgrade.  The

DRC seemed to handle either setup fine.  The 20in wheels with the current
1?) eibach springs rubbed in the front (too low), but the rear setup was a 
big improvement over stock.  This sprotec setup lowered the car about 1in.

>4. a sea of real carbon fibre

And actually quite spartan in look and toys from my expectation.  I suppose 
when that "big screen" LCD can print foot on brake shift instructions in
sentences, the thing must get downright mean when bad things are happening.

>5. I will prolly never (as in f&#%ing NEVER!) buy a car with autobox. 
>Was quite a handfull to control, with this much power, with this much 
>weight, and only with the help of the brake pedal. Scary.

You need more seat time Igor.  I found the autobox to get much better with 
time, and the paddle shifters worked with less delay than I anticipated.
location of the paddles was the best I've driven, and in concert with left
braking, I doubt much on the road could work one as well.  I'm convinced the

weight thing is a spring thing, the RS6 definitely doesn't feel as heavy to 
drive as the urs IMO/E.  

>All in all it's a good car, but not x4 as good as my current one, which 
>their current price ratio seems to be suggesting.

Twin turbos on a 5valve v8 doesn't come without the tythe my friend.  I
this car to be a quite natural extension of the urS, much more so than the
or the A6 2.7tt.  My complaints centered around the look and trim of the 
beast.  It flies lower profile than the S8, which I always thought was
 The only knowing looks are from guys who know, and even then they have to
close.  I would have liked to see a bit better seating package, like real 
recaros with some matching carbon fibre trim on them.  For that kind of
money I'd 
want more than fender flares a bbig black brakes.

I will take a moment to plug Sportec's exhaust system.  Without question a 
work of art.  Still took a bit of tweeking to actually fit it, but the
design is 
first rate, the welds dowright beautiful.  I took several pics of this 
exhaust, as it's a shame to have it so well hidden under the car.  

A real pleasure to take this project on.  I have newfound hope for audi....

My .02

Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

Wow Scotty...  must say that was a refreshingly different view of this beast
than all of what so many have said about the car thus far.   Interesting and

-Paul may it, too, be damned to an early life of depreciable hell so
someday, someday K.

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