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Just a suggestion - it won't be apples to apples, but to make the comparison
somewhat meaningful, be sure in addition to the torque/bhp graph, you have
them hook up, and get a print out of the manifold boost profile your dyno
runs are produced under.

The "who balls are bigger" comparison, especially for questions re Cody's
turbo as compared to a "stock" RS2, whatever a "stock" RS2 might be, will be
difficult with out some idea of the boost, as controlled by the ECU and the
particular chips you've selected, run on your test.  I think the boost curve
will best tell you how quickly the turbo spools up AND then can hold a set
psi as rpms climb and the turbos deliverable cfm move across its compressors
efficiency map.

Personally, trying to run a meaningful comparison against Hap's turbo is
pretty difficult given the huge disparity not just in compressor, but in
Hap's vs. the stock intercooler size..... hum,

Now that I think of it, what I would be willing to do if you want to Cody,
and ASW is willing, is make my big side to side unit off the Green car
that's sitting on the floor up at ASW (like we did on Frank's car) available
to you to make a dyno run with the bigger IC on the car and see what, if
any, difference that makes.

Otherwise I suspect the stock IC will heat soak pretty quickly (the dyno
doesn't have the fittings for our cars to really control / adequate push
real world amounts of ambient cooling air through the intercooler) and cut
into your ability to get "real" road condition results that a 30~50mph +
road speed would allow you.  Cody, give me a call if you're interested.

For a guess, how about @ 300rwp on the dyno @ 24psi boost peak?  Perhaps
330+ with the larger IC.  When are you doing this again?  This weekend, the
10th/11th or next?


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~Ouch.  Im getting turbo envy...
~Does size matter, or is it a motion of the ocean thing?  Oh wait,
~I've got it... "Don't worry, it looks small now, but wait, it get's bi...."
~I'm dyno curious, both over Cody's car (nearly identical to mine),
~and yours.  I think it is awesome that you broke the limitations
~myth of the KKK #6 hotside (~375 hp).
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~> Cody
~> I saw your cute little turbo at ASW. Gee, is that really big
~> enough to push
~> any air? What time are you scheduled for the dyno? I go at
~> 1300 hours;-)
~> Hap, wonderin in Everboost, Maguire
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