[s-cars] RE: RS2+ ~> Hap's ahead on MEPs too

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Sun Jan 11 09:14:32 EST 2004

BTW, for the people who are running stock bottom ends/heads but with metal 
head gaskets (stock on the S6, and maybe on some late S4s too, at least in 
Europe some of them had the metal head gasket from the factory), the 
compression ratio isn't 9.3:1 but 9.0:1 as in the RS2, as the metal head 
gasket is the one and only difference that can affect the compression ratio 
between an RS2 (factory spec at 9.0:1 CR) and an S4 or an S2 (factory: 9.3:1).



At 22:10 10/01/2004 -0700, mlp qwest wrote:
>MessageCody, one other item  just occurred to me in the apples to oranges
>comparison vein.  In addition to the intercooler & turbo discrepancies
>between the cars, I also suspect with a reasonable degree of certainty that
>while at 9.3 to 1 your engine may be up on Hap's in terms of initial static
>compression ratio, my guess is Hap's motor is probably as much as a 1/2 to
>perhaps as much as 1 full point or more off that.  Say somewhere @ 8.5 +/- a
>couple of tenths to 1.  I believe this means your stock engine will be
>somewhat, perhaps substantially if not fatally behind Hap's potential "Mean
>Effective Pressure" once his turbo comes on line.
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>   Oh I responded..just not to the list ;-)  But might be difficult since the
>Dyno is Parker and really wouldn't have time to dyno without then between
>runs change it dyno w/o the FMIC to measure the differences. :-(
>   But sure would love to try it w/ FMIC to get my juices going...to buy my
>own.  But probably not a good test to see how the Modified K26 compares to
>the RS2.
>   cp
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>     Mike
>     What a kind gesture on your part. I can't believe Cody hasn't responded.
>The dyno day is the 17th in Parker.
>     Hap, lookin forward in Everboost, Maguire
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