[s-cars] High pressure hydraulic line

Kirby Smith kirby.a.smith at verizon.net
Sun Jan 11 13:05:44 EST 2004


As I also recall from the mental archivers, without the restrictor some
users found significant pulsing noises.  The restrictor can be cleaned
when the hose is rebuilt.  I have a sectioned hose in my garage.  It is
a small porous orifice.  Probably clogged with hose lining, if in fact
it is materially clogged.  Also the bolts at each end (different part
numbers) have a screen that needs to be cleaned. 

However, the real reason for slow repressurization is really that the
pressure has bled off and the bomb capacity is large.  Either the bomb
check valve is bad, or the valve in the master brake assembly is bad.


Igor Kessel wrote:
> Folks,
> the High pressure hydraulic line 4A0-612-065 from the P/S pump to the
> bomb is weeping. Also, the light stays on for a long time after the
> startup,  and the sys looses pressure rather quickly after I turn the
> ignition off. The bomb is good (~35 pumps).
> Here's what I found in the archives:
> --
> From:  MLBess at a...
> Date:  Tue Oct 31, 2000  10:12 pm
> Subject:  Re: [s-cars] High pressure hydraulic line replacement
> The
> service foreman ultimately performed some tweak on my system such that the
> light extinguishes immediately. He stated he removed some restrictor in the
> hydraulic system. Supposedly there is a restrictor orifice that is used to
> reduce the pulsing in the system. Again I cannot separate fact from fiction.
> Alll I know now is that the light does extinguish immediately upon engine
> start.
> Mike Bess
> --
> So, what's the consensus: to rebuild it at a local hydraulic shop? Or to
> open it up, remove the restrictor and reseal with the new Viton O-rings?
> Or to bite the bullet and buy a new hose from the dealer for ca. $280?
> --
> Igor Kessel
> two turbo quattros
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