[s-cars] Need list wisdom.

Joseph Pizzimenti pizzoman at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 11 23:03:57 EST 2004

Purchase Optima Red Top.

I had some starting/cranking issues with the 9 year
old stock battery, but once I put the red top under
the rear seats, nothing but good strong starts.


--- Mark Strangways <strangconst at rogers.com> wrote:
> Ok, just back from a long drive ( like 3 hrs).
> Car ran fine as much power as I could use in the
> snow storm. But once to my
> destination, the car had to be boosted.
> So I tried to be a could responsible power user and
> conserve on the way
> home, no heated seats, no stereo, no fogs.etc.
> And once again caught home, and no start.
> I did measure voltages before shutting down. At idle
> it was around 13.8
> volts.
> Turning on accessories dropped it to 13.5 but that
> was with everything on
> and at idle.
> What worries me a bit is the fact that instead of
> increasing with revs the
> voltage actually decreased with more revs.
> This is odd, kinda tells me my car has been reading
> the tread about new
> alternators and such.
> Any collective thoughts ?
> What is NORMAL idle voltage and what does it climb
> to say at 3000 RPM ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Mark S
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