[s-cars] ur-S4 front and rear hubs the same?

Bob Rossato bob.rossato at att.net
Mon Jan 12 07:10:13 EST 2004

> I know the front and rear wheel hubs are the same on the 5ktq cars.  Are
> they the same on the ur-S4's as well?  I could not find a part number for
> the rear hubs in the Family Album.  The front hubs for the ur-S4
> seem to be
> part number 441 407 615C.  Are the rears the same part number?  TIA.
> John

The rear hubs are listed in Illustration 501-10 of the FA.  The fronts are
441 407 615 C for the '92 & '93 S4 only, but I believe that is for European
models that had the UFO front brakes.  Starting with the '94 model year the
front hub was changed to be the same as the rear hub.  This was coincident
with the deletion of the UFO brakes on Euro models.  The part number for the
rears is 441 501 653 B.  So, I'm assuming that for US cars, the '92 & '93
cars had the same hubs front and rear (441 501 653 B).  This is definitely
the case for '94-'97 cars.  However, I don't have a US version of the FA
loaded to verify it.


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