[s-cars] City Lights, Badges, and CDN Headlights

Bob Rossato bob.rossato at att.net
Mon Jan 12 07:22:23 EST 2004

> As another (potentially) interesting note, I have driven cars in Europe
> with a second position on each left and right "signal" light.  When you
> activate this position, the signal light stays on - no blinking.  The
> idea is when you park in a narrow street (probably on the sidewalk) you
> put the signal light on, on the side that the traffic is going by.

Mercedes apparently didn't want to bother with redesigning their headlight
switch for the NA market and for the longest time US cars had this feature
as well.  Don't know if they still do.  Must have resulted in a lot of
questions at the dealer from clueless owners.


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