[s-cars] City Lights, Badges, and CDN Headlights

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Mon Jan 12 10:51:11 EST 2004

Dave said:

Sean, I don't want to contradict you but I think you should check your
bulbs again.  The high beam bulb should be a 65 W 9005, not a 55 W 9006.
The H3 fog should be correct but I have never seen an H1 low beam bulb
(then again I haven't seen your 97 headlights up close and personal
like).  Maybe next meeting?  (If I am wrong, I'll buy you a beer (or

Dave: I'm 100% certain on the H1 bulb for the low beam, I just replaced
it last week. Maybe the CAD-spec 1997s were different? I am not certain
on the high beam being a 9006, I pulled that info from

I just checked my car and the high beam is 9005. So, it looks like we
were both right.


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